Cortona, Assisi and Perugia Driving Day Tour

Cortona dates back to Etruscan times and represents one of the most charming towns in the Val di Chiana.
Made famous by the bestseller Under the Tuscan Sun, this quaint hilltop village offers an array of art galleries, specialty shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a select collection of masterpieces in its Museo Diocesano. Cortona's location on the border between Tuscany and Umbria means that it is also possible to visit with our driving day tour two of the neighboring region's most acclaimed towns: Assisi and Perugia.


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  • Perugia panoramic
  • Perugia
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  • Cortona
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  • Signorelli, compianto del 1516 circa, cortona, museo diocesano
  • Luca signorelli, comunione con gli apostoli, cortona
  • Linterno della Basilica Superiore
  • Giotto Francesco uccelli predica